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The High Country is made up of the areas around Boone, Blowing Rock and Banner Elk, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.


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There are plenty of reasons to think about investing in a short-term rental property. You may have just gone on a vacation and decided the people who own the place you are renting were making a killing.

You may have been considering buying rental properties and then started seeing the comparison of long-term vs. short-term rentals. Maybe you were thinking about buying a home you would like to retire into and can’t imagine how expensive they will be by then.

Are you thinking about investing in short-term rentals in the North Carolina High Country? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of short-term rental properties are available all across the High Country. In fact, short-term rentals have become a very big business opportunity in western North Carolina and surrounding areas.

The High Country consists of Blowing Rock, Boone, Banner Elk, and other towns which are bustling with energy and activities, much of which centers around the regions’ ski and tubing resorts. While spring, summer, and fall offer their own natural wonders and seasonal gifts, it’s the winter months that truly distinguish this area as not only a winter wonderland but as a dynamic hotbed for outdoor sports and family festivities.

Only 2.5 hours from Charlotte and 2 hours from Winston-Salem, the High Country is the perfect vacation destination for todays families, remote workers and retirees. Whether your guests are seeking winter sports, outdoor adventures or rest and relaxation, the High Country has it all.

Investment Opportunities in the North Carolina High Country

There are many reasons to invest in short-term rentals in the High Country. Here are a few:

1. Increased Income Potential – One of the biggest benefits of short-term rentals is the increased income potential they offer. With short-term rentals, you can charge significantly more than you would with a long-term rental.

2. Low Risk – Unlike other investment strategies, short-term rentals typically carry low risk. This is because you don’t have to put any money down in order to rent short-term units short term . Additionally, short-term units are usually fully furnished, so there’s no need for you to buy additional furniture in order to attract short-term tenants.

3. Minimize Vacancies – In addition, short-term rentals minimize vacancies because they are so popular among guests who want a short-term rental for a longer period of time.

4. Flexibility – Short-term units provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to the timing of short-term rentals . If you need a short-term rental for a weekend, that’s no problem with short-term rentals.

5. Appealing to Families – Short-term rentals are often more appealing than long-term rentals to families and other groups who want more space than an apartment or hotel room provides . These short-term units sometimes provide amenities such as pools and hot tubs, so short-term tenants may prefer short-term rentals over short-term hotel stays.

6. Save Money – By shorting the long-term rental period, short-term renters often save money on their accommodations . This is especially true if you’re renting a short-term rental near popular tourist destinations.

7. A Growing Industry – short-term rentals are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel, and the industry is growing rapidly . As this trend continues, short-term rentals are likely to become even more popular, providing even more opportunity for investors.

8. Opportunity to Meet New People – short-term rentals offer the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. In fact, many guests who stay in short-term rentals become friends with their landlords and continue to stay in touch long after they’ve left the high country.

9. Tax Benefits – short-term rental investors may be able to take advantage of certain tax benefits. For example, you may be able to deduct certain expenses associated with your short-term rental business.

10. Convenience – short-term rentals provide a high level of convenience for guests who want to stay in the high country for a short period of time. Guests can often find a wide variety of short-term rentals in their price range in order to create the right short-term rental experience for their needs and preferences.

When doing the numbers on a vacation rental purchase, keep in mind that it will take more than an excellent location to get your short-term rental business going. Before you can start taking reservations, you will need to:

  • Set up utilities
  • Set up internet
  • Setup procedures and equipment for self-check-in
  • Setup doorbell cameras and/or other security devices
  • Furnish the property
  • Make any repairs or changes to be rent ready

A lot can go into the decision of buying a home to use as a short-term rental property. This is a significant investment and should not be rushed into. However, if you are adequately prepared and have realistic goals, you are well set up for success.

The North Carolina High Country is a great place to look for short-term rentals. If you’re interested in short-term rental opportunities in the North Carolina High Country, contact our team of short-term rental experts today. We can help you find the perfect short-term rental property and provide you with all the resources you need to get started.


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